Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chapter Two

It's a relief to have reached the end of my first trimester healthy and intact, because now I can finally share our biggest news.  At the end of March 2014, our eeny-weeny 6-pound-6-ouce snuffle-nosed baby is going to be a big sister.  Does she have a clue?  Well, she points to my tummy and says, "baby!  Hi baby."  Unfortunately she also does it to her tummy and Will's tummy.  So I'm going with a no.

"It's crazy," my friend Julia said when I told her our news, "to think that you're at the stage of life where you're not only expecting your second child, but you're like, okay with it."

It's true.  Where our first pregnancy entered our lives like a stealth-mode wrecking ball, we planned this one out to coincide with Will's job and were squinting at the horizon as soon as I stopped taking birth control.
Not with a bang, but with laundry.

We've been extremely fortunate to be able to conceive so easily ("Man," Will said, "we're good at this.") and have been blessed with a healthy first trimester.  And the best news for this blog?  I haven't puked at all!  So no puking comics!

For now.