Friday, May 2, 2014

Guardian Angel

In the words of Jimmy Stewart, "you look about like the kind of angel I'd get."

For simplicity's sake, I had to leave out how Will's parents were at our house during this episode, and so we actually had some extra help when things started spiraling out of control.  There really wasn't even any opportunity to feel embarrassed about this chaotic end to an otherwise pleasant evening.

Poor Lucy.  She didn't understand what was going on and thought she had done something wrong.  This happened on day two of potty training and set us back a good ways; over a week later, she still doesn't like pooping in her potty.  So I think we're still getting over the ramifications, but buying her Tinkerbell underpants has helped offset the damage.

I have no explanation for why our guardian angel's name is Julius other than it was Groucho Marx's given name and therefore seemed appropriate.