Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Really Am

I love my husband Will very, very much.  He always mostly says and does all the right things.

But the times that he doesn't make for better comics.

Also, I am aware that not being able to drink Malibu isn't a symptom of pregnancy, but it has made me much more aware of the presence of the Orb.

But yes, ta da!  Happy Thirteen Weeks and elastic bands around pants buttons!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay, so this scenario didn't physically happen.  For someone at an age that's generally considered to be adulthood, I think I'm actually pretty well-versed in childlore.

But seriously, how did Hunca Munca get Tom Thumb out of the chimney??

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working a Room

I've spent a lot of time in airports lately.

I've started a collection of those handy airline sick bags... they seal so nicely!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Etsy Love: Handmade Toys

For those who haven't discovered the extreme joys of Etsy, here's a first taste.  Etsy is sort of like Ebay in that anyone can be a buyer or seller, except that all wares must be either handmade or vintage.  I generally don't get into the vintage stuff, but being an artist, I love that other craftspeople have a profitable place to sell their unique creations.  I haven't yet made a purchase I regret from Etsy; often packages arrive with a little extra something from the seller, like a few extra sheaves of handmade paper or an extra hand-rolled marshmallow or two.  I turned to Etsy for a lot of our wedding purchases, like our guestbook and groomsmen gifts.

And now: BABY STUFF!

There are so many beautiful and unusual toys that sellers have made.  I've picked out three of my favorites to share with you.

First: Hobbes Plush Doll by amiamour

I grew up with Calvin and Hobbes.  I have all the comic books and reread them frequently (like... this morning).  I love the idea of me our baby having its very own Hobbes.  Seller amiamour has gotten the look exactly right; this Hobbes looks exactly like he does in the comics.

Next up: Pogos by pogoshop
WANT.  For the baby. 
Pogos are a unique upcycled creation of a local South Carolina seller (more reason to love them).  She uses old wool sweaters and bamboo fiberfill to make each little pogo, and she even creates a backstory and personality for each one.  Pictured here is Elliot, who is going to catch water bugs with his friend Ollie.

An added cherry on this sweet cupcake of a plushie is that as a local artisan, she can create custom school sweaters.
Go Tigers!

Lastly, Roley Poley Dinosaurs by ArksandAnimals
By now you know I love dinosaurs.  I also love classic, non-flashy, imagination-required toys.  Hopefully our kid will too.  I know I would love sitting on the ground and pushing these around, creating paths and ramps and things for them to roll on.  This seller also had featured these fantastic push-and-pull T-Rexes that opened their mouths and wiggled their arms as they rolled, but it looks like they've sold out for right now.  Just as fantastic?
The pull-string, wings-twirling, body-wiggling DRAGON.
Hope you've enjoyed this non-comic post.  Remember to shop at Etsy whenever you need a unique, heartfelt, handcrafted gift!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Future

In the pool the other day, my mom offered us some motherly wisdom. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


You never know what's going to displease the Orb, apparently.

Luckily I had scouted out where the bathroom was in the lobby of the Comfort Inn I was currently in.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Energy Parasite

One definite symptom I've had?  Fatigue.  The Orb demands your energy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Origins of the Orb

The idea to draw a short comic about our new hormone-controlling being came about 8 weeks into our pregnancy when my brother, who works at an ice cream shop, brought us a pint of--not raspberry, as I had asked, but strawberry ice cream.  While my physical reaction was mostly perfectly sane, this is roughly what went on in my head:

 We are young, broke, first-time parents navigating these emotionally-charged waters with a certain amount of fascination and anticipation.  I tend to make sense of the world around me by diminishing it into cartoonish sketches, so the idea for a small art blog was formed to keep family and friends involved in our process. 

Follow us as we, the keepers, bend to the ever-demanding, ever-increasing power of the Orb.  Welcome to our blog!

Also, in Corey's defense, the strawberry ice cream was delicious.