Thursday, January 16, 2014


We finally got our hands on the third season of the Muppet Show for Lucy, and one of the first episodes featured this little number with Fozzie Bear and Rowlf: 

Fozzie comes onstage carrying a fish, and Rowlf asks, "why are you carrying a fish?"  To which Fozzie replies, "just for the halibut."

Well, this one-liner struck a chord in our household, and we decided to name Lucy's baby sister Halibut, so that whenever we do something for her, we can say it was, "just for the Halibut."  

Unfortunately, it's been taking me a while to remember this.
Just kidding, we're not naming our daughter Halibut.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Did You Do Today?

One of the most wonderful things I am experiencing right now is seeing Lucy start to pretend.  And not just mimicry, either--- we gave her a baby doll for Christmas and she gives her juice first thing in the morning and puts her down for naps and bedtimes, just like herself.  But clearly we have never ridden zebras, until today. Imaginary play was a huge part of my childhood, and being fairly well-read on social development literature for my degrees makes me even happier to see her start to get creative with the world around her.  The best part is that because she has a pretty good grasp on communication, she can tell us what she's thinking--- she told me today that the dust motes in the sunlight were fireflies.  Girl, we are going to have some good times.

In other news, Baby II (nicknamed "Cinderella" by my mother-in-law and "Stormageddon" by my sister-in-law) is showing good progress.  The doctors think she'll be small like Lucy was, but everything looks normal in the ultrasounds and all our tests and various milestones have been given a clean slate.  Yesterday we had a third ultrasound, and they threw in some of those creepy 3D pictures just for kicks, and from what we can see, she looks like a combination of her older sister and a wrinkly potato.  So overall, there's not a whole lot more we could ask for.